Sugaring the digital pill

Sugaring the digital pill

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There is a lot of interest on digital pills in the health field. This technology can have a big impact both on healthcare systems and public policies. But what are the downsides of the spread of such devices? We talk about it with Iñigo De Miguel Beriain, bioethicist and research professor at the University of the Basque Country. UPV/EHU


  1. 00:47
    The basics: what is Panelfit and what is a digital pill?
  2. 04:11
    Why are they an opportunity for patients and healthcare systems?
  3. 07:10
    Do they involve special issues in terms of informed consent?
  4. 09:29
    What if companies/governments push the patient to choose such treatments to the detriment of others?
  5. 12:31
    Are there any specific issues related to digital pills that make them different from other health devices?
  6. 14:17
    What other personal data could be collected, beyond what declared on the information leaflet?
  7. 15:35
    What are the risks of a data breach in this field? Is it possible that companies like Facebook or Google have access to
  8. 17:45
    What about the pharma industry and the patents? Do digital pills introduce any novelty?
  9. 20:14
    Do you see urgent flaws to be addressed in the current European ethical and legal framework? Will Panelfit push for chan
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